Prep Your Home For The Holidays – 7 Simple Home Improvements To Save Your Sanity

by Rachel Laurendeau on November 27, 2013

new door installation CincinnatiAt this time of the year, we start thinking about holiday traditions, hosting family gatherings, decorating, and all of the minutia involved in preparing ourselves and our families for the holiday season. But what about our homes? What can we do to get them ready for the constant stream of activity and that is about to start?

1. Forget the major renovations. This is not the time of year to start large scale home renovations. Unless you plan on spending the entire holiday season in other people’s homes and not hosting anyone at all, skip the renos for the time being and focus on the smaller home improvement projects that can be completed over the next few weeks with little to no stress.

2. Finish off the DIY. All of the little bits and pieces of DIY projects that are not quite done should be completed and the tools and materials put away. Seriously, finish painting the guest bedroom and put the baseboards back on in the mudroom. You’ll be glad to have it out of your hair.

3. Reconfigure the furniture. Often, just setting up the tree and other décor requires shifting the furniture around a bit but I’m talking about really looking at your living spaces and moving things around to achieve the best possible furniture layout for your space and for hosting large groups of friends and family.

4. Clean out the appliances and organize the kitchen. Address the pantry, fridge and freezer. While you’re at it, you can make a quick inventory list of what you have so that you don’t run out as things get more and more hectic over the next few weeks.

5. Make the front door more inviting by washing it, greasing the creaky hinges, hanging a wreath, and putting out a clean and festive welcome mat.

6. Purge the front coat closet so there is enough space for your guests’ coats and boots.

7. Light it up! Of course you want your indoor and outdoor Christmas lights set up but also check and make sure that there are no burnt out bulbs in the house or along your walkways, you want to keep your guests safe as they come up your front steps.

Surely there are plenty of chores and home improvements that you want to check off your to-do list before the holiday season sets into full swing, and these seven are a great place to start. Why not make yourself a quick list so that you can check things off and feel a greater sense of accomplishment as each one is completed?

Happy holidays!

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