New Bathroom Countertops – Consider Quartz Counters For Natural Beauty and Sparkle

by Rachel Laurendeau on November 26, 2013

If you are planning bathroom renovations and trying to select just the right bathroom countertop, this is the series for you. Today, we’re talking about quartz countertops and whether or not they are the right material for your master bathroom.

Indy bath remodelPros of Quartz Countertops
• Natural stone look with modern feel
• Comes in a wide range of colors and patterns
• Nice change of pace from other stone products such as granite or marble
• Extremely durable and scratch resistant
• Non-porous, therefore does not need to be sealed or polished in order to be highly sanitary
• Available in natural slabs or as quartz composite (ground quartz mixed with resin)

Cons of Quartz
• Fairly expensive – the price tag for quartz countertops is comparable to that of other popular stone such as granite and marble.
• As with other heavy stone or concrete, the structural integrity of your floor and vanity will need to be verified by your bathroom remodeler in order to ensure that they can accommodate the extra weight.

DIY note: while I enjoy a do-it-yourself home improvement project as much as the next person, I strongly recommend having a professional installer or bathroom remodeling contractor install quartz countertops. When dealing with heavy, expensive materials, let the pros take care of it.

Are you still undecided as to which bathroom countertop material is right for your bath remodel? Talk to your home improvement expert or bathroom remodeling contractor for their professional opinion. You can also check back here for more bathroom countertop ideas in the coming weeks.

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