Attic Conversion – Let The Light Shine In

by Rachel Laurendeau on November 26, 2013

window replacement Cleveland, TNLast week, we looked at attic conversions and whether or not your attic would be a good candidate for remodeling. Today, we’ll talk about natural light and the window options available for attics that are being converted into living spaces.

Egress – when converting an attic into living space, your local building code will likely require that there be a means of egress by which you can escape in an emergency. That means you’ll need to have at least one window that opens widely enough to climb out and likely some sort of ladder system from which you can get off the roof. Check with your local building official to find out the minimum size requirement of the operable window in your area.

Dormers – in some cases, the addition of dormer windows might be a nice, albeit expensive, touch.

Skylights – a more affordable new window option than dormers, skylights can offer plenty of light without the major structural issues that may come with dormers. Whichever style you choose, it is of outmost importance that you select quality skylights and have them installed by professional window installers so as to avoid any problems with leaks or drafts.

1. The first, less expensive option would be a fixed skylight, meaning it lets in light, but does not open to let in fresh air.

2. Venting skylights, on the other hand, allow both light and air into the space and open either manually or on a remote control. Some higher end skylights have automatic sensors so that they close when it rains.

Attics can seem dark and unwelcoming if there isn’t enough natural light coming in. Take the time to work with your contractor to find the best new window options and prime placement in order to turn your attic conversion into a bright and welcoming space.

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