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by Rachel Laurendeau on November 25, 2013

frameless shower doors CTMost people have a multitude of cleaning products stashed under their bathroom sink or in their cabinets. Have you ever wondered which of those products were truly safe for you and your family, not to mention the environment? Here are some of our favorite, home made chemical-free cleaning products to help keep your home clean and safe.

Vinegar. Whether you’re looking for a streak-free clean on your frameless shower door or trying to get musty odors out of your laundry, vinegar is a must-have. Vinegar can be diluted with water and placed in a spray bottle to use on windows, mirrors, ceramic, and fiberglass surfaces. Just spray it on, and wipe off with a damp cloth. For surfaces with more delicate finishes, be sure to rinse off the vinegar so that the acidity doesn’t damage the surface.

Baking soda. We mostly know this one for its ability to neutralize odors: keep a box in the back of the fridge, in the shoe closet or with your teenager’s sweaty sports equipment. It can also be used as a carpet deodorizer or be added to the washing machine to eliminate odors. Besides it’s odor eating ability, baking soda is mildly abrasive and is great for use as a surface cleaner for tubs, toilets, sinks and counters. Just sprinkle it on a damp cloth, apply elbow grease and rinse.

Washing soda (sodium carbonate). With properties similar to baking soda, washing soda is actually more alkaline, making it an excellent cleaner to cut through grease, oil, waxes and even lipstick as well as all of the odor neutralizing discussed above. However, since it is so alkaline, be sure to wear gloves when handling it and avoid using it on fiberglass, waxed floors and aluminum.

Others household ingredients. There are many other household ingredients such as borax, glycerin, witch hazel, essential oils, lemon juice, etc. that can be used for cleaning and disinfecting around the house. We’ll take the time to explore those in a future healthy living blog post. Until then, we wish you healthy, happy cleaning!

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