7 Essentials To Help You Set Up Your Home Office

by Rachel Laurendeau on November 23, 2013

home remodeling CarmelIf you work from home, creating a functional, motivational, and stylish home office is of utmost importance.

1. Functional workspace, where everything you need is within easy reach. Depending on the type of work that you do, and how you work, this may mean a minimalist desk and computer or a full office set-up.

2. Comfortable seating is essential if you will be spending hours in your home office. Look into ergonomic furniture set-ups for your workstation.

3. Proper lighting that mimics the full spectrum of the sun can help you through even the longest workdays.

4. Use your wall space efficiently by hanging shelving, memo boards, inspiration boards, and organizers. This can keep clutter off your desk and help keep your organized.

5. Choose the right storage solutions and cabinets for your needs. If you are like me, paperwork and office supplies can take over the desk top and become overwhelming. Find storage solutions that work for you to keep your desk, and your mind, free of clutter. Don’t forget, simply storing things doesn’t actually take care of the problem unless you actually form good habits and sort through all those bits and pieces before hiding them away.

6. Let the accessories inspire you. Having a few pretty things or personal objects can help inspire you throughout your work day. There are numerous home office accessories that are both functional and fashionable, so don’t feel as though you need to stick to utilitarian office supplies at home.

7. Consider the effect that color, light, sound, and other elements can have on you and your creativity. Why not employ some principles of feng shui into your home office by including plants, a small fountain or music into the space.

Whether setting up your home to accommodate a home office means a few simple home improvements or a major home remodeling, remember that this is your opportunity to create the perfect work environment for yourself and try to enjoy the process. No cubicles for you, my friend!

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