New Bathroom Countertops – Is Concrete The Way To Go?

by Rachel Laurendeau on November 22, 2013

bathroom renovations IndianapolisIf you are planning bathroom renovations and trying to select just the right bathroom countertop, this is the series for you. Today, we’ll discuss concrete countertops to help you decide if this is the right choice for your master bathroom.

Pros of Concrete Countertops
• Modern look
• Durable and easy to maintain
• Completely customizable for size, shape, color, inlays, additives, finishes and edge details.
• Aggregate can be locally sourced, making this a more environmentally friendly choice than many other surfaces.

Cons of Concrete
• Can seem cold if you do not select proper inlays or aggregate additives to balance the concrete.
• Not inexpensive – the price tag for customized concrete countertops can be comparable to that of granite or even marble.
• Your vanity or cabinetry may need to be reinforced or custom-built in order to accommodate the extra weight of the concrete. Talk to your bathroom remodeler to find out if the vanity or even the floor may need extra attention, should you choose this countertop material.
• Concrete counters should be re-sealed every 9-12 months. An easy DIY project, you just have to remember to add it to your calendar.

DIY note: while some people with concrete experience and the right tools may want to try making their own concrete countertops, this really is a project left up to experienced professionals. If not made properly, your end product can have air bubbles or cracks and structural problems, which means you have to start over or call in an expert in the end anyway.

For more information on custom concrete countertops, talk to your bathroom remodeling contractor or home improvement expert.

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