Home Energy Savings – Top Three Ways To Keep The Warm Air From Escaping Through The Front Door

by Rachel Laurendeau on November 18, 2013

home builders FranklinIt’s home energy savings week here at My Home Improvement. Today, we’ll look at ways to keep the warm air in your home from escaping through the front entry.

1. Locate air leaks. Air leaks or drafts are the biggest energy wasters around the home. They allow outdoor air in while the air that you pay to heat seeps out. Plugging or sealing air leaks appropriately can save you from wasting energy. This might be as simple as caulking around windows and doors or using spray foam to fill larger gaps.

2. Install a storm door. By installing a storm door, you provide an extra barrier of insulation at the front door. This can help reduce air leakage and can block some of the cold outside air from coming in.

3. Replace your front door. There’s only so much a storm door or caulking can do if you have a battered exterior door. Proper door installation of an energy efficient door by a home builder or home improvement expert can dramatically cut energy loss from your home’s entry points. Look for a thermally efficient, Energy Star rated door with excellent quality weather seals, such as the ones from ProVia.

These simple home improvements can dramatically reduce the energy loss at your home’s points of entry and help you keep your house warm and cozy this winter.

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