Not My “Forever Home” – Kitchen Flooring On a Budget

by Rachel Laurendeau on November 15, 2013

The idea behind our “Not My Forever Home” series is to look at ways to improve your current home without breaking the bank, particularly when you know that you only plan on living in it for a few years before moving up. So far in this series, we’ve looked at basic bathroom improvements as well as a number of kitchen upgrades. In today’s installment, we’ll talk more specifically about economical kitchen flooring, namely, vinyl.

kitchen remodeling Schaumburg ILWhile we might initially think of tile, wood, cork or even laminate flooring as preferred kitchen flooring options, vinyl is an excellent choice for kitchen remodeling in that it is very durable, easy to clean, and quite affordable.

Vinyl flooring has been around since the early 1900s but it has come a long, long way over the past few decades. Today’s vinyl is updated and modern, often passing as other types of materials, such as tile, stone and wood. I’ve been particularly impressed by how realistic some of the “wood planks” look without the price tag of hardwood floors.

Besides coming in a wide array of colors and looks, it also comes in a variety of formats: tiles, planks and sheets. The tiles are typically used in DIY home improvement projects while the installation of sheets and planks is best left up to a flooring or kitchen remodeling professional.

With some hard work, creativity and good planning, it is definitely possible to upgrade your kitchen on a budget, achieving a high-end look at a low price point. Remember, inexpensive doesn’t have to mean cheap or ugly, you may just have to look a little further to find the perfect materials and an experienced kitchen remodeler who will work with you to create the perfect balance.

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