Fall Lawn Care In The Northeastern US

by Rachel Laurendeau on November 12, 2013

lawn services OhioSo many of us yearn for the perfect, lush, green lawn that we can walk barefoot through in the summer. Did you know that in order to achieve this, fall lawn care is extremely important?

Follow these simple lawn care instructions to ensure that your Northeastern lawn flourishes next spring.

Mowing – continue mowing your lawn until it appears to have stopped growing for about two weeks. It is best for the last cut to leave 2-3 inches in length to keep it healthy through winter.

Fertilizing – fall is the best time of year to fertilize lawn. According to an Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet, “University research has shown that fall (August or September) and late fall (October, November or December) fertilization is ideal for home lawns. Fertilization during these times will benefit lawns more than any other practice. Most homeowners place too much emphasis on spring and summer fertilization.” They go on to state, “disease and weed problems are usually less severe when fall and late fall fertilization are practiced. Heat and drought tolerance are usually better, thus enhancing summer lawn quality. Finally, the grass plant produces more root mass and a deeper root system, resulting in an overall healthier plant.”

Overseeding – if you have a few bald or sparse patches throughout your yard, you may want to overseed your grass. Be sure the seed isn’t being put down onto thatch, but rather onto soil to ensure that the roots take hold in the ground. Overseeding can be done about a month before frost sets in so that it has time to establish before going dormant.

Clean up leaves and debris – leaves should not be left on the lawn over the winter as they can block water from reaching the grass or trap in too much moisture, which leads to rot and kill off. Leaves can be raked or blown off, or you can use the mulching attachment on your lawnmower, helping to add nutrients to your soil.

Aerating – if you have heavily compacted soil that needs to be loosened, fall is a great time to aerate. You can rent an appropriate tool or have a reputable lawn care company such as Lawn Plus LLC come take care of core aeration for you.

References: bhg.com and ohioline.osu.edu

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