Book Storage and Display – Home Improvements For Book Lovers

by Rachel Laurendeau on November 5, 2013

carpenter Denver, ColoradoIt doesn’t matter how convenient people find their eReaders, I truly believe that homes will always need a place for books. (This is the optimist in me speaking.)

Whether you have a dedicated home library, easy-access cookbooks in the kitchen, a playroom with a reading corner, a reading nook in the sunroom or a man-cave where special editions are on display, books play an important part in our lives. As such, they should be given proper housing.

Books should not be stored in areas of high humidity as this can encourage mold and bugs. That means, no cardboard boxes in the garage or on the basement floor.

Natural sunlight is great for reading but can damage older books or collections. While the pulp fiction and dog-eared kids’ books might be fine in the sunroom, keep those precious special editions away from direct sunlight.

So what’s a book lover to do? Bookcases and bookshelves are the most obvious choices for storage and display. Another, more permanent, option is to have floor-to-ceiling recessed or built-in bookshelves built by a carpenter to fit perfectly into your space.

If you have DIY tendencies when it comes to home improvements, you may want to build your own. I’ve seen loads of artistic and innovative bookshelves on Pinterest lately, including cases on casters that slide under the staircase, other, more whimsical shelves, shaped like trees and flowers and others built from crates and pallets. While I don’t speak Hungarian, I did find this blog, Inspiratiok, that has images of some of the loveliest and most interesting shelving ideas I’ve seen to date. It’s definitely worth checking out.

No matter what type of book display and storage you choose, be kind to your books and set them up so that you, and everyone in your home can enjoy them.

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