Holiday Gift Ideas For the Home Improvement Junkie On Your List

by Rachel Laurendeau on November 4, 2013

snow removal contractor PlainfieldEvery year, I have the best of intentions: get my Christmas gift shopping finished early so that I can focus on all the other fun holiday moments. Inevitably, I still race around trying to get the last few gifts checked off my list a week or two before the big day and it stresses me out. This year, that’s not happening, for a multitude of reasons. I’m getting organized and getting it all done before even turning the calendar page to December!

I find that the toughest people to buy for are the crafty or DIY types. What do you give someone who can make it or fix it themselves? Here’s a list of our favorite gift ideas for the home improvement junkie on your list this holiday season:

1. Remove one of their least favorite chores around the house. If your home handyman or woman takes on too much, why not lighten their load by subscribing to snow removal or snow plowing services for the rest of the winter or hire a roofing company to come clean out the eaves next spring?

2. Does the DIYer in your life want to learn yet another skill? Sign them up for a class at the local community college or extension office.

3. Are they less of a classroom learner and more of a self-taught person? In that case, get them a subscription to one of the many DIY magazines or a home improvement manual.

4. Offer them a gift certificate for a massage or reflexology treatment. What could be better after a long day of work around the house than a bit of pampering those tired muscles?

5. Tools. You can never go wrong with tools. For the novice do-it-yourselfer, a tool belt or tool box with some basic starter tools would be a great place to start. For the more experienced handy person, they may be longing for a specialty tool to complete a specific project.

Big or small, budget or spendthrift, be sure you let the DIY guru in your life know how much you appreciate their commitment and hard work when it comes to making your home the perfect living space.

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