DIY Creepy Outdoor Halloween Projects

by Rachel Laurendeau on October 24, 2013

home wiring IndianapolisFor most people, getting ready for Halloween means putting together a costume, buying some treats to hand out, and putting up a few decorations. Some people go a little further with their decorating by carving jack-o’-lanterns and turning on some scary music.

One of our neighbors, a young electrician, is much more creative in his Halloween decorating than most people that I’ve met. Every year his projects become more and more elaborate.

One year, he built a coffin with a remote control lid that he would open from inside the house when he saw kids getting closer. It was rigged up with a mummy that would sit up and a smoke machine that let out eerie wafts of grey smoke.

The following year, he rigged up a shrieking skeleton on a pulley system that ran along the house’s eaves at an alarming speed, stopping just short of the frightened trick or treaters at his front door. He had it set up on a motion sensor so he didn’t have to watch for the kids out the front window.

Last year, he had engineered some sort of catapult that lobbed foam corpse heads out towards the sidewalk. There was, of course, an animated creepy clown manning the catapult.

I can’t wait to see what our electrical genius has in store for all the little ghosts and goblins that come to visit this year! Even if you aren’t a seasoned electrician or a home wiring expert, you can still build and rig up some frightful DIY Halloween displays for the enjoyment of the neighborhood kids and their parents this year. You’ve got one week left: time to get creepy and creative!

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