Home Improvements For Resale – Are You Getting a Good Return On Your Investment?

by Rachel Laurendeau on October 23, 2013

plumbing IndianapolisWhen preparing your home for sale, it is often necessary to tackle a few home improvements that will make your home more appealing to a greater number of people. While you want those upgrades to draw people to buy your house, you obviously need for those projects to pay for themselves by giving you a reasonable return on your investment.

We’ve often heard that kitchen and bathroom remodeling will make the most impact on your home’s resale and this remains true today. When it comes to bath remodels, in the article “13 top bathroom remodel trends” by Christopher Solomon of MSN Real Estate, he discusses some of the more luxurious improvements that would appeal to high-end consumers. (Keep in mind, this article does not give a cost-benefit analysis and you would want to discuss the return on investment with your real estate agent or bathroom remodelers prior to undertaking these projects.)

According to Solomon’s article, here are a number of bathroom remodeling projects to consider for yourself or for the sale of your home:

• Increasing the size of the shower and creating a large airy space with hinged glass doors.
• Replacing noisy Jacuzzi tubs with soothing soaker tubs.
• Finding ways to add natural light with windows and skylights.
• Creating a steam bath or shower.
• Improving the bathroom’s ventilation and humidity control.
• Giving the master toilet it’s own room or privacy wall.
• Adding additional storage for toiletries and hiding bathroom clutter.
• Adding attractive grab bars to accommodate an aging population.
• Installing programmable radiant in-floor heating system to warm up the tile.
• Replacing old linoleum with stone or porcelain tile in neutral tones.
• Replacing one big long vanity with two vanities and sinks with personalized “his and hers” looks.
• Finally, don’t forget that savvy consumers are looking for sustainable homes so make your choices are green by choosing energy-saving and water-saving fixtures.

Reference: MSN Real Estate

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