Snow Shoveling Tips To Help Prevent Back Injuries

by Rachel Laurendeau on October 18, 2013

snow removal CarmelLove it or hate it, winter is coming and with it, all the fun and hard work associated with snow and ice removal. As massage therapists, physical therapist, chiropractors and hospital emergency rooms can attest, shoveling and snow removal are common causes of back injuries throughout the winter.

Improper shoveling techniques can put stress on your lower back, lead to muscle strain, or even more serious back injuries and medical emergencies.
Following these ten simple snow removal tips as outlined by physical therapist James Speck in his article on can help you get through the snowy winter season without low back pain and injury free.

“1. Choose the Proper Shovel
“2. Warm-Up Before Heading Out
“3. Wear Proper Footwear
“4. Use Good Form
“5. Pace Yourself
“6. Lift Small Loads
“7. Dress Warmly
“8. Clear Snow Often
“9. Stay In Shape
“10. Don’t Shovel if Not Physically Fit”

In addition to following these tips, if you have pre-existing back problems, a heart condition, are pregnant or have any other health concerns, talk to your doctor before taking on any strenuous physical activity, including snow clearing. You may decide to invest in a snow blower or hire a snow plowing service to clear the snow and keep your driveway and walks clear of snow and ice.

Reference: “10 Snow Shoveling Tips To Prevent Injuries

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