Not My “Forever Home” – Affordable Upgrades For Your Kitchen

by Rachel Laurendeau on October 16, 2013

tile refinishing VirginiaIn speaking to friends and clients, I’ve realized the importance of addressing home improvements for people who are not living in their forever homes but who still want or need to make improvements to their current houses. In our last installment, we talked about basic bathroom improvements and today we’ll address some of the general upgrades that can be done in the kitchen.

Even if you only plan on living in a home for a few years, you need your kitchen to be functional and pleasing. The top five affordable kitchen upgrades to consider during home improvements are:

1. Start with the bones, the cabinets – are the kitchen cabinets in good enough shape that you can live with them but you can’t stand how they look? If so, you may want to consider simply painting them or having them refaced.

2. Invest in new appliances – consider these an investment that you can take them with you when you move and buy the best quality that you can afford. In the long run, high-efficiency appliances will save you money on your utility bills and make the cooking experience more pleasant.

3. Add extra storage and work surfaces. Hang shelves, a pot rack, a peg board or storage system on the wall, and if there is enough space, you can add an extra storage cupboard, or better yet, get a kitchen cart or kitchen island on casters. If it’s on wheels and not affixed to the floor, you can always take it with you to your next home.

4. Address the fixtures and finishes. Outdated light fixtures, faucets or sinks can be replaced with modern, energy or water efficient models. Kitchen sink refinishing, countertop refinishing, and tile refinishing of the backsplash can give your kitchen a whole new look without breaking the bank.

5. Update the flooring. Worn out floor tiles can be refinished as can hardwood floors. However, in some cases, you may need to pull out old linoleum or even carpet and replace it with something more durable. When selecting your flooring, remember the resale aspect of your renovation and know that kitchens and floors sell homes, so do select a quality flooring material.

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