Putting the Garden and Lawn to Bed – A Little More Fall Yard Maintenance

by Rachel Laurendeau on September 24, 2013

snow removal contractor ILTempting as it may be to simply ignore the yard and garden since they will soon be covered in snow, there are a few more chores that need to be done to put them to bed and ensure a great start come spring.

• Continue to mow the lawn into the fall season until growth seems to have stopped for about two weeks. Optimally, grass should be left at about 2-3 inches in length for the winter to keep it healthy.

• This is a great time of year to apply an all-natural slow-release fertilizer to the lawn to make it hardier through the winter.

• It’s also prime weeding time. You can spot treat with a natural herbicide or pull weeds now so that they aren’t coming back up in the spring.

• Rake up all the leaves and debris in the yard before the first snowfall. Unraked leaves can trap in too much moisture over the winter, leading to rot and killoff or can block water from reaching the grass altogether.

• In the garden, pull out dead plants and weeds, cut back perennials that require it, clean out any leaf litter or debris, edge the garden beds and fluff up the mulch.

• Aside from all of the landscaping work that needs to be done, you’ll also want to organize your garage or shed so that any snow removal tools like shovels, ice picks or snowblowers are easy to reach and in good working order.

• If you aren’t keen on doing your own snow removal, fall is a great time to get in touch with a local snow removal contractor and arrange for regular seasonal work as soon as the snow flies. There’s no shame in hiring a contractor and besides, it will give you more time to work on your indoor home improvement projects!

Resources: Buckeye Gardening and HGTV

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