Outdoor Fall Cleaning and Maintenance List

by Rachel Laurendeau on September 23, 2013

home improvement Mason OhioIt’s official! Fall is here. Spring cleaning tends to get most of the attention when it comes to seasonal home improvements but autumn cleaning and maintenance is just as important. Here is a list to help you get going on your outdoor cleanup before mother nature beats us to the punch and it gets too cold out to get these things done.

Windows, Doors and Roof
• Wash windows, window tracks and screens. Store the screens for winter.
• Have replacement windows installed if required. Don’t wait until spring or you’ll have a chilly winter to contend with.
• Install storm windows and storm doors as required. This is particularly important if you have drafty windows and doors and live in a very cold or humid climate.
• Give the front entry a good cleaning. Be sure to include the front steps and landing, railing, mailbox and front door to remove dust and cobwebs that have accumulated. (Ok, you can wait until after Halloween to clean the cobwebs, if you really want to!)
• Do a visual inspection to check your roof and gutters for any damage. Clean gutters and downspouts so they are free of debris.
• Inspect your vinyl siding to make sure there is no damage, gaps, missing pieces or sign of pests. Contact a siding contractor if any repairs are required.

Appliances and Tools
• Clean out dryer vents, HRV/ERV inlets on the side or back of the house, and fan exhausts, if applicable.
• Switch off your air conditioner (on the unit or electrical panel) and cover it with a tarp or air conditioner cover.
• Organize your shed or garage so that shovels and other winter tools are easily accessible.
• If you have a snowblower, take it in for servicing now so that it is ready to go when the snow flies.
• Ditto for the lawnmower. You may as well winterize it and have it serviced so you have one less thing to do come spring.

Around the Yard
• Sweep, hose down decks, porches, walkways and the driveway.
• Clean and store garden furniture and outdoor toys.
• Prepare your lawn and garden for winter by following our upcoming gardening post.
• Once all the washing up is done, drain your garden hose, store it for the winter and turn off the outdoor water supply.

It does seem like there is a lot to do, and there is. But if you get started on your fall cleaning now, you should be able to check off each of the looming tasks before curling up next to the fireplace to hibernate with a book and blanket.

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