Not My “Forever Home” – Basic Bathroom Improvements To Get You Through

by Rachel Laurendeau on September 23, 2013

tub refinishing HendersonvilleI was recently chatting with a friend who just bought her first home. She is happy and excited to be moving into her new house but is clear that this won’t be her family’s “forever home.” However, knowing that they plan one staying in this house for the next five to seven years, she also knows that there are a number of upgrades that need to be done in order to make their new place comfortable and livable.

The first things she mentioned wanting to upgrade were the kitchen and a very outdated bathroom. Home improvements in the bathroom can be extremely expensive, particularly when you start pulling out tile and large fixtures like tubs, showers or vanities. So what’s a family on a budget to do when they want to upgrade without a huge renovation bill and without all the chaos involved in remodeling a bathroom?

1. First things first: the avocado bathtub has got to go! Well, not literally but figuratively. My friend had never heard of bathtub refinishing or reglazing so she was pretty excited to hear that her tub could look like new without having to be pulled out and replaced. Tub refinishing is a straightforward process, can be done by a professional in just a few hours and leaves your bathroom looking like it’s been completely overhauled.

2. Switch out the old water hog toilet. Nowadays, replacing an older toilet with a low-flow option can save you plenty of money and many cities or utility boards have rebate programs to help you upgrade.

3. An old vanity and sink can really bring down the bathroom. There are plenty of inexpensive options to choose from at most of the big home improvement box stores. In some cases, a simple pedestal sink would work well, as long as you don’t need the storage space of the vanity. While you’re at it, install a nice big mirror and a medicine cabinet or small cupboard for extra storage.

4. Now that the bones of the bathroom have been upgraded, you can add some finishing touches like a funky shower curtain, fluffy towels, a favorite photograph and a few interesting accessories.

Voila! A brand new looking bathroom without the cost and work of a major renovation. This way, you can save your hard earned money and spend it on your “forever home” when you get there.

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