Packing and Moving Tips For A Stress-Free Move

by Rick Martin on September 18, 2013

custom home builders New HampshirePacking and moving can be stressful but it need not be traumatic; take it from me, the woman who has moved too many times to count. At this point, I do believe I’m in my forever home so I feel a little better writing about packing up and moving to a new home and I feel like a seasoned expert on the subject, happy to pass on my personal tips.

Top packing and moving tips:

• If you are building a new home, be sure you’ve done a complete and extremely thorough walk-through with your home builder before any of your items get moved into the house.

• As much as possible, ensure that all work has been completed and that everything has been cleaned prior to your move-in date. It’s no fun to try to coordinate last minute tradespeople once you and your belongings have already started settling in.

• If this is not new construction but you are taking on renovations or home improvements, the first two points still apply to you. In so far as it is possible, have all the work done before you move in. Living in construction dust and being unable to use important areas of your new home is not a good way to start.

• Make arrangements ahead of time for your moving day. You may be enlisting friends and family, renting a trailer or hiring movers, but whatever the case, try to avoid last minute planning.

• When packing up, label all of your boxes based on the room they need to be placed in at the new house (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc). Boxes containing items that you’ll need in the first day or two should be labeled “unpack first”.

• Boxes should be sized based on weight, meaning that the heavier items go into smaller boxes while lighter items go into larger boxes.

• Easily breakable items can be wrapped in kitchen dishcloths or using towels and sheets to make the most of your space and reduce the amount of bubble wrap that you need to buy.

• If you will be moving your household appliances, be sure that they are unplugged, and drained or thawed the day before the move.

• Send out notifications to your bank, credit card companies, insurance providers and anyone else who regularly sends you mail. You should also notify the postal service of your moving date and they can re-route all of your mail.

Being well organized and prepared is the best way to take the stress out of moving into your new home. With some pre-planning and a little help, your move can go without a hitch. And by the way, congratulations on your new home!

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