Essential Fall Home Repairs

by Rachel Laurendeau on September 17, 2013

install siding TennesseeAs much as I’d rather play ostrich and stick my head in the sand, I have to admit that the cool weather is just around the corner. There are definitely a number of home improvements and repairs that should be addressed by everyone at this time of year to ensure that things go smoothly through the winter.

You’ll want to start by giving your home a visual inspection. Write down any problems that you see so that nothing is forgotten and then either go the DIY route or hire a professional who can take care of the repairs for you.

Walk around the exterior of your house and check for:
• Broken windows.
• Visible gaps around windows, frames or doors.
• The ground around the house should be sloping away, not toward your house or you may end up with rain or snow melt coming into the basement.
• Evidence of any insect pests or rodents trying to find a way into your home to cozy up for the winter.
• Loose siding or gaps between siding.
• Loose or saggy gutters.
• Damaged or missing shingles.

Now that you’ve done your preliminary inspection, make a to-do list and try to get it done before it gets too cold outside.
• Do you need replacement windows?
• Would a storm door or storm windows help keep the warm air in and the cold air out or can you simply caulk some of the gaps?
• Are there roof repairs that need to be addressed?
• Do you need to install new gutters or siding before the snow flies?

These types of seasonal projects may not be the most fun or glamorous of home improvements, but let’s be honest, they are often the most important as they will help protect your home, save you money on energy bills and keep your warm through the cold months.

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