Creating the Perfect Toddler Bedroom – Tricks I’ve Learned Along The Way

by Rachel Laurendeau on September 17, 2013

home remodeling Madison, WIWith our second little one on the way, we’ve started thinking about the baby nursery but it has also made me think about updating our toddler’s bedroom. While the nursery should be a nice quiet spot that parents enjoy (because, really, a newborn does not care whether the theme is baby elephants or airplanes), I think updates for a toddler’s room give you a great opportunity to include things your little person loves.

As we get ready to make some changes in our son’s room, here are some of the top tips I’d like to share.

1. As with the nursery or any bedroom, I recommend using calming themes and colors as this room does primarily need to be used for sleep and you don’t want to over stimulate your little one as they are getting ready for bed. If the bedroom does double as a playroom, try to keep play and sleep activities in two separate areas of the room.

2. When choosing a theme for the room, keep in mind that toddlers get excited about things for short periods of time. This week’s obsession may be building blocks and puzzles and by next week he or she may have moved on to ladybugs and tricycles. Inexpensive wall decals are a great way to change up a look or theme without having to make major changes to a room.

3. Try not to impose your interests or what you think your child “should be” interested in based on their gender and age. Toddlers are still exploring the world and everything is interesting to them, there is no reason to limit them.

4. Bedding, draperies and rugs – choose nice soft bedding that they will want to cozy into and window coverings that cut out as much sunlight as possible. You can go with solid colors or patterns or a theme that they love, but the less themed, the longer use you should be able to get out of your textiles.

5. Create an art wall. Most kids love to make crafts so having a grouping of frames in which you can switch out your little artist’s masterpieces or a bulletin board where you can easily hang the things they are proud of gives you a simple way to display their art for short periods of time. You could also use chalkboard paint on one section of wall or on the closet door and let them change the image as often as they like.

In some cases, preparing your toddler’s room might mean bigger home improvement projects than simply redecorating. If you need to make more substantial changes to your house, talk to a professional home remodeling expert who can help you through the renovations.

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