Tips For Protecting Your Home

by Rachel Laurendeau on September 16, 2013

roofing contractors WestfieldRecently, there have been a number of storms that have come through our part of the country and I’ve seen the damage caused to roofs by hail, to siding by the wind and to basements from water seepage; not to mention the enormous tree that blew over onto my sister’s place.

It can take months to have repairs completed and dealing with insurance claims is not always the most fun. Here are some tips to keep your home, its contents, and your family safe and protected.

Take care of the big stuff. Trees should be limbed or cut if they are leaning towards or overlapping the house. Even if they look healthy from the outside, they may have weak spots that give out during storms. Better to be proactive and call an arborist now than to need a roofing contractor later.

Be fire and CO savvy. Test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors every season and replace the batteries regularly. Did you know that most detectors have expiration dates? Check the bottom and replace yours before they expire. Finally, don’t forget to have fire extinguishers placed in key areas of the house and know how to use them.

Take home security seriously. Have a home alarm system installed and use it. You wouldn’t believe how many people wait until AFTER a break-in to have an alarm installed in the house. You can also have your fire alarm and sump pump wired into the alarm system; a simple home improvement for extra peace of mind.

Get to know the neighbors. Get to know the people in your neighborhood and find people who are trustworthy. Let them know when you will be away for a few days so that they can call you the authorities if there is something suspicious going on.

Keep your comings and goings off-line. Between Facebook check-ins, Instagram pics and Twitter updates, it is ridiculously easy to monitor people’s comings and goings. For your own security, you may want to wait until AFTER your get back from your holidays to announce to the entire on-line world that your house has been empty for two weeks while you were basking on the beach.

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