Surviving the Super-Sized Bathroom Renovation

by Rachel Laurendeau on September 13, 2013

bathroom remodeling CarmelIn the past couple of decades, many new custom-built homes have been built with super-sized master bathrooms. Although having all that space is nice when two people are trying to get ready for work in the morning, it can also feel like a cold, uninteresting space if it isn’t well-designed.

Here are some of our favorite design tips for large bathroom renovations:

• In a generously sized bathroom, toilets are often set aside in separate water closets. If you don’t like that idea, how about placing the toilet out of direct sightlines and adding a privacy panel to obscure the view?

• Large expanses of tile can be cold underfoot and make the whole bathroom feel cold. Have your remodeler install programmable in-floor heating system. You’ll be thankful for it on chilly mornings!

• Taylor your vanity to your particular needs. There is no better time than before starting a bathroom remodeling project to assess your specific needs: do you need two sinks or just one? Two grooming stations? A make-up vanity with extra lighting and seating? How much storage do you need in the bathroom and do you require a custom-built linen cupboard?

• Lighting is everything. (I know, I go on and on about this one, but trust me here!) A large bathroom requires layered lighting to ensure that each area is properly lit. Think about general overhead lighting in addition to sconces for the vanity, lighting in the shower and something special above the large soaker tub.

• Finishing details like selecting a warm, or even a dark color for the walls and textiles can also help make the space feel a bit smaller and cozier.

Whether you have a super-sized bathroom or a closet-sized bathroom, working with a professional bathroom remodeler can help ensure that your space has the right design and layout to make it functional and comfortable.

Inspiration for this post taken from: Better Homes and Gardens

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