Don’t Let Your Kitchen Sabotage Your Diet!

by Rachel Laurendeau on September 12, 2013

Arlington Heights kitchen remodelerWhen remodeling a kitchen, there are countless decisions that need to be made. Everything from cabinet colors, countertop materials, flooring, lighting and layout has to be taken into account.

But have you ever wondered how those kitchen remodeling decisions affect your commitment to a healthy lifestyle? According to the experts at Prevention, your kitchen, its layout and the accessories in it could be sabotaging your diet.

Registered Dietician Sally Kuzemchak, in her article for, “9 Signs Your Kitchen Is Making You Fat,” lists the top things that could be sabotaging your weight loss success include:

1. Your plates are platter size.
2. You love bright light.
3. Your counters are cluttered.
4. Your glasses are wide.
5. Your pantry is huge.
6. Your cookie jar is clear.
7. Your kitchen is nutty.
8. Your produce is hidden.
9. You serve food family style.

Her solutions include:
1. Use smaller plates (10” is ideal) so even if you fill your plate and polish it off, you aren’t consuming quite so much.
2. Bright lights can stimulate the appetite and cause us to eat more quickly. However, if the lights are too dim, we become less inhibited and are also likely to eat more. The article suggests that the ideal wattage while your are eating is 240 watts. (Check out our recent blog on Kitchen Lighting Essentials for more on this.)
3. Reducing clutter makes us more likely to cook in our kitchens and less likely to grab whatever is lying out. Having a well organized kitchen with designated prep and eating areas is key. Talk to your kitchen remodeler about the ideal kitchen layout for reducing clutter before you start your home improvement.
4. Like big plates, big glasses lend themselves to larger portions. Save the big glasses for water.
5. A big pantry lends itself to bulk buying, supersized packaging and extra large serving sizes. Keeping foods in single serving packages and keeping treats to a minimum is the trick.
6. If you can see the cookies, candies and chips in see-through containers, you’re more likely to eat them. Keep them hidden and tucked away so they cause less temptation.
7. Don’t try to do multiple tasks like watching TV, paying the bills or surfing the web in the kitchen. You’ll be more likely to snack at inappropriate times so take those activities out of the kitchen.
8. You want to eat all of that lovely produce so keep it at eye level in the fridge or out in a pretty bowl on the table or counter so that you reach for it more often.
9. Rather than setting all of the food out on the table, leave it on the stove or countertop. You’ll be less likely to refill your plate this way.

Staying active and healthy can be challenging. Why not let some simple kitchen home improvements help you along the way?

Source: Prevention

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