The Colorful Tub – Not For the Faint of Heart

by Rachel Laurendeau on September 11, 2013

bathtub reglazing AkronColor in the bathroom. It sounds scary and brings back memories of avocado green toilets or pink wall tiles of decades past. However, if done correctly, adding color to an otherwise drab space can make it much more inviting and cheerful.

I’ve recently seen a number of claw foot tubs that have gone through the bathtub refinishing process and they all look great. Tub reglazing can generally be matched to any color so your imagination or decorating style really set the limits. My favorite way to do this is to have the interior of the tub done in bright white and the exterior in a color to complement the bathroom décor.

Some of the best tub colors I’ve seen lately were bright pink, sunny yellow, and chocolate brown. In each case, the homeowner or designer had chosen a color palette for the bathroom and followed through with all of the details, including the bathtub, with stunning results.

And just in case you were wondering, bathtubs aren’t the only things you can have professionally reglazed. Sinks, countertops and other surfaces can also be refinished to update them or add a splash of color.

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