Favorite Fun Fall Projects For Outdoor Living

by Rachel Laurendeau on August 27, 2013

Let’s face, there are plenty of home improvement projects that HAVE to be done in the fall, like cleaning out the gutters and laying the gardens to rest. But there are also plenty of other fun projects that can be done at this time of year, when the weather gets cooler and the days are still long.

1. Build a fire pit so you can enjoy the back yard well into the cooler season.
2. Build a patio or deck. We love the look of a lawn and paver patchwork like the one in the photo.wall stone IN
3. Create a meandering flagstone or river rock path through a wooded part of your property.
4. Build or fix a retaining wall. Replacing wall stone can be heavy work so doing it on a cool autumn day is great.
5. Set up a large screen (or white sheet) and host an outdoor movie night.
6. Build a backyard pizza oven or cob oven and host a cozy pizza party.
7. Create a small outdoor greenhouse using reclaimed windows. These will be great next spring when you want to get a leg up on your vegetable garden.
8. Been dreaming of a covered porch but don’t have the space for it? Build a backyard gazebo.
9. Help your kids build a fort or play house.
10. Hang a hammock, grab a cozy blanket and enjoy being outdoors whenever you can!

There are plenty of fun DIY home improvement projects to fill your fall days (and evenings) and keep you outdoors well into the arrival of cooler weather. Just decide what you and your family will get the most enjoyment from and get cracking.

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