The Dark (And Not-So-Romantic) Bedroom

by Rachel Laurendeau on August 22, 2013

electrical contractor IndinapolisBoy is it dark in here, who turned out the lights? Oh wait, there aren’t any overhead lights to turn on. I don’t know whose brilliant idea it is, but every few decades, there is a bizarre building trend to omit overhead lights from bedrooms or living rooms. Is it supposed to be cozy or create some sort of romantic or luxurious ambiance? I’m not sure, but I do know that it makes getting dressed or reading in bed next to impossible and increases unnecessary toe stubbing tenfold.

What can you do if there is a room in your house that doesn’t have overhead lighting or just has insufficient lighting to reach all the nooks and crannies?

Natural daylight. Make the most of any natural in the room light by using sheers, window film or simply making sure to open up the curtains every morning.

Light it up. Use floor lamps, table lamps or plug-in sconces to illuminate specific areas that need more light.

Lighten up the décor. We often use dark color palettes in the bedroom, either using dark wood, dark linens or even darker paint shades. By using lighter or brighter shades, you allow more light to bounce around the room.

Get to the source of the problem. If your living room or bedroom is dark, you don’t have to simply live with it. Talk to your local home improvement contractor or hire a professional electrician who can take care of your home wiring problems by adding recessed lighting or overhead light fixtures to the room.

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