Baby Nursery Feng Shui

by Rachel Laurendeau on August 15, 2013

painting contractors MinnesotaIt seems as though going all-out to decorate the baby nursery has become a sort of right of passage to becoming a parent over the past few years.

Here are some essentials and fung shui principles to help guide you as you plan this most important home remodeling.

Baby Room Basics:
• Crib or bassinet
• Change table
• Dresser
• Glider or rocker (make sure it’s a comfy one, you’ll be spending many, many hours in it!)
• Window coverings, including blackout blinds to ensure better sleep
• Night light, small lamp or dimmer switches for the overhead lights

All the Rest
There are a million extras from musical mobiles to adorable breathable bumper pads that you may look into. Personally, I feel that in the early days, the decorating is really for the benefit of the adults who will be spending countless hours in the room tending to the new member of the family. So if you’re set on a theme or find that something is completely adorable and it makes you happy, then so be it.

Feng Shui In the Nursery
You might also want to take into account a few principles of feng shui when decorating your little bundle of joy’s room to ensure that it is a serene and peaceful place for them to lay their adorable little head.

• Do not bombard your baby’s delicate senses. They are new in this world and need a gentle transition. Avoid perfumes, scented lotions, bright lights and jarring sounds and colors.

• Use natural materials whenever possible, particularly for things like bedding, draperies, curtains and furniture. Avoid plastic whenever possible.

• There is no need to feel restricted to blue and pink in your decorating. In fact, the more subtle and peaceful the color, the better. You may want to talk to your painting contractor about using no-VOC or low-VOC paint for the baby’s room.

• Avoid having too many electrical devices in the room, particularly close to the crib. It is tempting to have video monitors, sound machines, heart monitors placed under the mattress and various other modern trappings, but according to feng shui principles, these may put off strong electromagnetic fields that can disturb the energy and your baby’s well-being.

Redecorating a room to turn it into a peaceful nursery can be an enjoyable home improvement but the real reward will be in having a happy, healthy baby and calm sleeped-filled nights.

Source: Feng Shui

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