Minimalism In Bathroom Design

by Rachel Laurendeau on August 12, 2013

bathroom remodeling IndyHave you ever walked into someone’s home or into a spa and immediately felt relaxed by the simple lines and lack of clutter? If so, you may want to think about minimalist design the next time you remodel your home or particularly, your bathroom.

What is minimalism?
Minimalist design may have its roots in the 20th century, but it continues to be popular today. Simply put, minimalism strips down design to only its essential elements.

Elements of a minimalist bathroom
If you are considering minimalist design for your bathroom renovation, consider this description as seen in the article “The Minimalist Bathroom” on the Kohler website:

As applied to bathroom design, the minimalist approach is often expressed through smooth, uninterrupted surfaces; sculptural lines; and a general lack of ornamentation and clutter. Fixtures are sleek and understated; the few accessories in the room often include organic cotton towels and soft, indirect lighting sources or candles and fireplaces.

This would translate into using bathroom fixtures with simple, sculptural lines, low profiles and geometric shapes in addition to closed cabinetry to hide the necessary bathroom accouterments. You will be looking for faucets and accessories with a minimum amount of ornamentation and finishes inspired by nature.

Creating a minimalist bathroom will give you a place to relax your mind and your body in a home-spa environment. Talk to your bathroom remodeler or home improvement expert about incorporating minimalist design principles into your remodeling project.

Source: Kohler

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