Home Improvements For The Athletic Household

by Rachel Laurendeau on August 9, 2013

general contractors INIf you or the other members of your household are sporty, you may need to make a few home improvements so that your house can accommodate your particular needs.

Sports Equipment Storage
Exact needs will vary, depending on the types of activities you do, the amount and size of equipment required and how many athletic types are living under your roof. One runner in the family versus a brood of hockey or football players will obviously dictate different home improvement needs.

Storage solutions could include large wire baskets mounted to the garage walls for balls, bats, roller blades etc. as well as large J hooks mounted to the garage ceiling or wall to hang bikes, skis, snowboards or other large, out of season equipment.

If you have large sweaty equipment like hockey or football pads, you will need drying racks and a well-ventilated area.

A Few Extras
• Instead of spending loads of money on gym memberships, you may want to create a home gym that meets all of your training needs. If you are a dedicated athlete, this will undoubtedly pay for itself over a short period of time.

• Anyone out expending lots of energy needs easy access to fresh purified water on demand. Consider having a reverse osmosis system or water purifier installed in your kitchen.

• If you are going to be taking on large-scale renovations any time soon, talk to your general contractor about a kitchen design that would accommodate big groups of people hanging out in the kitchen for those days when all the teammates are over.

• And while we’re at it, the adult athletes in the house may appreciate a soaker tub, hot tub or steam shower to help their aching muscles after a long workout. Mmmm…almost makes me want to go for a run, just so I have an excuse for a steam shower. Almost.

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