Transforming Your Apartment Bathroom

by Rachel Laurendeau on July 30, 2013

tub refinishing YoungstownLiving in an apartment, things often feel temporary, even when you plan on staying there for a few years (or more). There are plenty of tricks to make an apartment feel like home when you don’t want to make major home improvement investments into someone else’s property.

I’ve talked about apartment kitchens in the past, so today I’ll focus on transforming an apartment bathroom. Of course, all landlords and lease agreements are different, so before you undertake any improvements, make sure that you have permission to do so.

Freshen up the walls – at the risk of sounding like a broken record, giving the bathroom a super heavy duty deep cleaning followed by a fresh coat of paint to the walls and ceiling can have a major impact. Want to go bold but the landlord won’t let you? Try temporary wallpaper or decals; for under $100 you can add color, pattern and texture to a boring space.

Update the light fixtures – this one will depend on the age of the building you’re living in, as you don’t want to start fiddling around with old wiring. But, if the wiring is in good condition, you (or an electrician) can swap out a boring or dated light fixture for maximum drama. Keep the old fixtures so that you can take your shmancy new ones with you when you move out.

Refinish the plumbing fixtures – if you plan on staying put for a few years, investing in fiberglass tub repairs, bathtub refinishing or sink refinishing can be a great approach. This is a great way to make a dingy apartment bathroom look like new. Who knows, maybe the landlord will share the cost with you since it is long-term upgrade that benefits both of you.

Accessorize – hang some funky art or a favorite photo, install a new shower curtain and add other accessories so that the space reflects your personality and style.

Living in an apartment doesn’t have to stop you from making home improvements, it just means you have to be a bit more creative, and in some cases, find less permanent fixes.

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