Six Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

by Rachel Laurendeau on July 26, 2013

bathtub refinishing TNYour bathroom may not need a complete overhaul, just some simple updating to make it spectacular again.

1. Freshen up the walls – a coat of paint can make a big difference. Don’t hesitate to use a bold color but do remember that if you have a bathroom with high humidity, it’s a good idea to use a semi-gloss or one that is specially formulated for bathrooms. Be sure to do the ceiling and baseboards while you’re at it, or they’ll look dingy next to the freshly painted walls.

2. Go beyond paint – if painting isn’t enough, apply patterned wallpaper or, for a more traditional look, add wainscoting (beaded board). This is an inexpensive way to hide less than perfect walls and can be installed quite quickly and easily.

3. Give your bathtub a face lifttub refinishing is an affordable way to make your bathtub look like new, or to change an outdated colored tub(avocado ick, anyone?) to white. Talk to a bathtub refinishing contractor about this as it really isn’t a DIY project.

4. Refresh your vanity – a bathroom vanity that is still in good condition can be updated with a fresh coat of paint or simply by changing the hardware.

5. Add more storage – shelves, baskets, and under-sink organizational ideas abound, choose the ones that will make your bathroom the most functional.

6. Modernize fixtures and accessories – new towel bars, toilet paper holder, mirror, light fixtures as well as a soft-textured accessories like fluffy towels, bathmat and shower curtain can go a long way in a small space.

You can try one or all of these inexpensive home improvement solutions to update your bathroom and breath new life into a tired space.

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