Creating the Perfect Playroom

by Rachel Laurendeau on July 25, 2013

basement remodeling St. Louis MOWith the knowledge that our family will be growing this winter, it has become more important than ever for us to finish a room in the basement that will become a dedicated playroom for our little ones.

I’d love to have a playroom on our main floor but that just isn’t the reality of our home. Adding a dedicated play area has become the top priority in our quest at basement finishing.

Here are six of the most important things to consider when designing a play room in your home:

1. Dry and free of mold – if your playroom will be in the basement and you suspect the presence of mold or moisture, talk to a basement remodeling contractor who is specialized in mold testing/remediation and basement waterproofing before you start on the room.

2. Wall color – choose a low-VOC, washable high-gloss paint in a fun color. If your kids are old enough, let them help you choose the color(s). You may want to use chalkboard paint for one section of the room and make that your child’s ever-changing canvas.

3. Child proofing – depending on the age of your children, child proofing or baby proofing may be needed. Among other things, you will want to be sure the electrical sockets are covered, and that there are no locks on the door to avoid having your little ones accidentally lock themselves in. You may also consider choosing furniture with rounded corners for fewer bumps and bruises.

4. Durable washable flooring – you’ll want the flooring to withstand everything your kids can throw, roll, drop or spill. Laminate or vinyl flooring can serve this purpose, as can specialized foam tiles. If you want an area to be a little cozier, say as a reading nook, you could add a bold area rug.

5. Good lighting – basements don’t generally have a lot of natural lighting so be sure that the room has plenty of overhead lighting and consider using bulbs that mimic the sun’s full spectrum.

6. Organization and storage – having toy boxes, bins, baskets, and book shelves at kid-friendly heights will help encourage your children to put away their toys and make room for more play.

With all of this in mind, remember too, how quickly they grow and their interests change. You will want to set up the playroom so that a simple home improvement weekend will be all you need to update it every few years.

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