Inexpensive Foyer and Mudroom Upgrades

by Rachel Laurendeau on July 24, 2013

home remodeling MadisonA functional and fun foyer is not only inviting to your guests, it helps you breath a sigh of relief as you walk through the door and also helps you get out the door more quickly and easily.

The top twelve elements to an organized and welcoming foyer, according to Cara Greenberg of houselogic are:

1. Wall Color – a washable high-gloss paint in a bold color.
2. Easy-clean flooring – be sure the flooring in the entry blends well with the adjacent room.
3. Room divider – for those entryways that aren’t clearly delineated.
4. Boot tray – to keep the floors clean and the jumble of footwear in one location.
5. Bench – for sitting and for extra storage.
6. Key rack – no more rushing around trying to find misplaced keys as you head out the door.
7. Coat hooks and shelves – keep the everyday items on the hooks and use racks for hats, helmets and extra handbags. Make the most of all the vertical space but keep the visual clutter to a minimum.
8. Umbrella stand – for those who live in a rainy climate.
9. Table or console – if you have the space a narrow table or console can be both decorative and practical.
10. Lockers or cubbies – these are extremely popular in mudrooms and foyers at the moment and are a great way to give each family member their own space.
11. Mirror – hang a mirror for last-minute checks on the way out the door and to add more light to the space.
12. Good lighting – ensure your entrance is safe and welcoming with proper lighting design.

Whether a home improvement to your foyer simply means a little tweaking or you’re in the midst of serious home remodeling, creating an organized, functional and inviting space is the key to a great entryway.

Source: houselogic

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