Contest For Developing Sustainable Home Improvement Solutions

by Rick Martin on July 23, 2013

EarthHack ChallengeThere are many contests for designers, architects and engineers when it comes to sustainable design but few ask the average person how they would change existing products to reduce carbon emissions and save energy. And frankly, it’s the average person who uses the products and looks for technologies that are affordable when they undertake home improvements, so why not ask them?

That’s just what the folks at The EarthHack are doing. The EarthHack is a contest which asks how you would “combine, repurpose or modify existing technologies and products to create tomorrow’s practical and scalable low-carbon solutions for the home.”

This is a crowdsourcing of sorts, where contestants are asked to share their concepts using photos, diagrams and other means and are asked to explain the potential positive impacts their ideas could have on the environment, economy and society. Once an idea is submitted, others can view it, vote for it, or make comments to help improve the concept. There are some pretty great prizes (cash, trips, appearance at Climate Week in September, and bragging rights), not to mention the possibility that one of the partners might pick up the winning idea and develop it.

Keep in mind, when submitting an idea, the goals of the EarthHack contest are to:
•” Reduce energy consumption, manage energy more efficiently and/or generate energy
• Apply innovative solutions to lighting homes – through efficient use of available natural light, as well as new energy efficient electric lighting
• Sort and reduce household waste and turn waste into resources to minimize waste to landfill
• Save, reuse and recycle water and minimise household chemical use at home

If you have an idea to share or want to vote for other concepts, do it quickly, finalists will be shortlisted on August 1st with winners being announced in September.

If you aren’t the innovative-contest-joining-sort but are still interested in including green construction practices in your home remodeling, be sure to work with contractors, like Sunset Builders in New Hampshire, who specialize in this type of design and green building practices.

Source: The EarthHack

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