What Is a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System?

by Rachel Laurendeau on July 18, 2013

plumbing services CasselberryWe all love having fresh, clean, odorless, tasteless drinking water at our finger tips but we all know the extra monetary and environmental costs of drinking bottled water. Perhaps the answer is having a water purification system installed in your home.

In a past article, we focused on filtration systems so today we’ll consider reverse osmosis (RO) treatment systems.

According to North Star Water Treatment Systems, RO “uses household water pressure to reverse a natural physical process called osmosis. Water, under pressure, is forced through a semi-permeable membrane where minerals and impurities are filtered out. Clean drinking water goes to the faucet or storage, while minerals and impurities are sent to the drain with RO waste water.

Reverse osmosis systems are typically installed by knowledgeable plumbers but an experienced DIY handy person may also do the installation themselves. As well, the filters will have to be changed regularly but the frequency will depend on your manufacturer’s recommendations and warranty policy.

Green tip: due to the process involved, in order to “make” clean drinking water, an RO system wastes a certain amount of tap water, generally more than a filtration system would. If you are concerned with keeping your water use down or eco-friendly home improvements, an RO system may not be the best option for you. You may want to talk to your plumbing contractor to find the best option for your household.

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