Test Your Home Improvement IQ – Part 2

by Rachel Laurendeau on July 17, 2013

screen doors New LondonIt’s time for part 2 of our lighthearted home improvement IQ test. May I suggest finding a porch swing or hammock and a cold beverage while you test yourself on this lovely summer day? (Tip: you can find all the answers in our recent blog posts.)

1. Storm windows are extremely expensive and difficult to install.
a) True
b) False

2. Knob and tube wiring should be replaced because:
a) it is an eyesore
b) it is noisy
c) it can be a fire hazard

3. Hot color trends for this summer include:
a) emerald green, lemon zest yellow, and violet
b) poppy red, terracotta, and chocolate brown
c) cool lime, mauve, and blueberry

4. When building a storm shelter or safe room, it is not necessary to:
a) ensure the room is adequately anchored so it can lift or overturn
b) include an emergency preparedness kit
c) install TV and internet

5. After a home energy audit, you will not likely decide to:
a) install energy efficient replacement windows
b) replace your kitchen cabinets
c) upgrade your HVAC system

6. The best way to keep rabbits out of the garden is to:
a) put up a fence around the garden
b) place plastic predator decoys around the yard
c) not plant a garden at all

7. Adding curb appeal could include:
a) fixing or repairing an old roof
b) adding insulation to your attic
c) painting the bathroom

1. b) Storm windows are a simple, cost effective way to cut back on the air leakage through older windows.
2. c) Knob and tube wiring can be a fire hazard, particularly if it was modified by an amateur.
3. a) According to the Pantone Color Institute, this season’s hot colors include cheerful lemon zest yellow, cool lime, nectarine orange, violet, dusk blue, grayed jade, emerald green, linen and poppy red.
4. c) Although a radio would be helpful in an emergency, TV and internet are not considerations in a storm shelter.
5. b) Unless your home gets a perfect energy audit score, you will likely want to make upgrades to improve your home’s energy efficient. Upgrading kitchen cabinets has nothing to do with energy loss/use.
6. a) Despite many products and much folklore, the best deterrent for rabbits is simply to put up a wire fence around the garden.
7. a) Since curb appeal, by definition, would include home improvements to the exterior of the home, roof repairs would be the obvious choice.

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