Small Kitchen Solutions

by Rachel Laurendeau on July 4, 2013

kitchen remodeling Arlington HeightsIt’s easy to get caught up on the size of a kitchen during renovations and wish there was more space to work with. The thing is, with proper planning, even a small kitchen can be efficient and beautiful.

Plan it out! Talk to a professional kitchen remodeler or designer who can help you make the most of the space you have and help you decide whether the actual layout of your kitchen needs to be changed.

Look up. According to the kitchen remodeling experts at, “double-stacked cupboards, or cupboards mounted directly above each other, will use more vertical space rather than horizontal space.” Using the area above will give you plenty of extra storage for the items you don’t use daily.

Scale down. Modern appliances are available in smaller scale versions. By paring down on the size of the appliances, you can free up more space for work surfaces and cabinets. If you need extra counter space, a small-scale island or counter-topped cart could be useful. An island or cart that is on casters is even better as it can be rolled up against a wall or into a closet when not in use. If you don’t have enough room for both an island and kitchen table, make the island work double duty.

Minimize. Keep all the extras off the countertops, put away the small appliances when they aren’t in use, and get rid of the messy take-out menus that are on the fridge. The less visual space that gets eaten up by random stuff the more open and airy your kitchen will feel.

Keep it light. Choosing reflective materials for your surfaces (countertops, tile, backsplash, etc.) will add an extra dimension to the space and keeping the colors light will also help give the illusion of airiness. Finally, don’t forget the essentials of kitchen lighting: include plenty of task and ambient lighting in your small kitchen.

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