Shades of Gray – The Modern Twist On a Black and White Bathroom

by Rachel Laurendeau on June 20, 2013

bath remodel IndyIf you want to add interest to your bathroom without being too bold, you may want to consider shades of gray as a modern twist on the traditional black and white bathroom color scheme.

Using a lot of gray can make a space feel dull and drab if it isn’t done right. Be sure to:
• Use a variety of shades of gray for a textured and layered effect.
• Include a certain amount of shine and sparkle in the finishes of the products you choose.
• Have adequate lighting in your bathroom.
• Use white or another light accent color for the accessories and fixtures.
• Combining gray with light yellow is definitely a hot color trend this year and this combination would make for a beautiful marriage of the traditional and modern and will also help warm up the gray.

You certainly aren’t limited to paint when it comes to creating a gray bathroom. There are a number of ways to bring gray into your bathroom remodeling project, particularly if you want to use natural materials.

Slate tile offers a natural, rustic look and works well on the bathroom floor.
• Pebble flooring is another natural way to add texture and interest.
• Honed marble in antique gray can offer a variety of shades within one slab.
• Limestone or granite countertops for the vanity offer endless possibilities.
• Ceramic tile in various shapes and sizes are simple and effective and can be used on the floors, walls or in a custom shower enclosure.
• For a modern touch, concrete countertops are another way to use gray.

Talk to your local bathroom remodeler or home improvement expert for more ideas on how to include shades of gray in your next bathroom renovation.

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