Summer Cottage – Temporary Solutions

by Rachel Laurendeau on June 13, 2013

Friends of mine just bought property on which they hope to build their dream cottage overlooking the lake. However, since they’ve just made such a big investment, they’ve decided to wait and save up for a few years before building their dream log home. In the meantime, they are looking for smaller, more temporary solutions so they can start enjoying their new corner of paradise.

Here are a few ideas that won’t break the bank when you’re looking to put a roof over your head on your summer property and are looking for temporary summer cottage solutions:

log home builders Wisconsin• Park a camper trailer or an RV on the property. If this seems a bit too small to spend extended periods of time, you could always set up an outdoor kitchen or a gazebo for extra cooking or lounging space.

• There are companies that specialize in building tiny houses. For example, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company builds very small houses, trailers (tiny houses on wheels, perfect for cottages) and even offers workshops where you can learn to build your own tiny house.

• For a longer-term solution, buy a small cottage kit or even small log home kit and build that up on the property.

For more information on cottage kits or designing your dream log home, contact a home improvement expert or log home builder in your area.

Confession time: I have to admit, I got a little nostalgic writing this blog since it made me think of the old school bus that my dad had converted into a camper when I was a kid. It had a fully functional kitchen, sleeping for five and even a little water closet. Slightly cramped quarters but it didn’t matter since we spent all of our time outside anyway.

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