Basics of Veggie Container Gardening

by Rachel Laurendeau on May 30, 2013

home improvement Madison WIMany of us living in urban settings wish we could grow our own herbs and veggies but are limited by the size of our small yards. You don’t have to suffer through another summer of eating supermarket produce or the leftover zucchini from your country cousin’s garden.

In my opinion, you have three options:
1. Join a community garden and have your own little plot. This sounds romantic and eco-friendly, but it has its challenges like hauling water to your plot and dealing with neighbors who don’t get rid of their potato bug beetles.
2. Become a member of a community shared agriculture (CSA) operated farm (sometimes called community supported agriculture). You pay a seasonal fee to a local farmer and receive a weekly share of the produce throughout the season. You aren’t growing it yourself but you know that you’re eating fresh, organic produce and supporting a local grower. Find out more about CSAs at
3. Become a container gardener. All you need are some nice deep pots, good organic soil mix, and seeds or veggie transplants from the garden center.

Container Gardening Tips
If you choose to go with option number three, you will want to
• Place your containers in area that receives full sunlight and has plenty of air movement. A deck, patio or balcony is the ideal spot for container gardening as you have easy access and plenty of sun. If you are building a new deck, you can have your deck builder custom build planter boxes along the edges of the deck or smaller ones that can be hung along the railing.
• Be sure to choose containers with good drainage.
• When container gardening, you will have to water at least once a day since the soil can dry out quickly.
• Feed your plants using an organic fertilizer such as fish emulsion or compost about twice a month to replenish the nutrients in the soil.

We may not always think of gardening, particularly vegetable gardening, as a home improvement project but creating a beautiful, edible garden on your deck or patio is definitely an improvement that you will be able to enjoy all season long.

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