Brigthen Up Your Bathroom

by Rachel Laurendeau on May 20, 2013

Nashville tub refinishingIt’s pretty common for bathrooms to feel small and dark, despite our best efforts. But, there are certainly some tricks from decorating experts that you can use to brighten things up and let the light shine in on your bathroom.

• The most obvious trick is to make the most of any natural light you get. If your bathroom has a window, be sure to keep it sparkling clean and choose a window covering that provides privacy without filtering out too much natural sunlight.

• Dark, dingy and dated fixtures bring down the feeling in a bathroom. Did you know that beyond bathtub refinishing, there is also the possibility of refinishing tile, countertops, sinks and even fiberglass? This is an excellent and affordable way of brightening up and modernizing any bathroom.

• Be sure you’ve chosen the right wattage light bulbs for your fixtures and that you have fixtures to light up the room as well as your face in the mirror. For more on this, you might want to read our blog Bathroom Lighting Essentials.

• Paint or accessorize the bathroom in a bright energizing color. Sure, you can use white, but pale blue, pale green or light yellow can also lighten up the bathroom and help bounce light around. You can also add light and color through textiles and artwork.

• Speaking of bouncing light, hang an extra mirror to reflect the light from your light fixtures and be sure to select other reflective materials such as glass and chrome.

For more information on brightening up your bathroom, talk to your local home improvement expert or an experienced tile and tub refinishing contractor.

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