Man Cave Essentials

by Rachel Laurendeau on May 15, 2013

I think it’s safe to assume that many men dream of having their very own “man cave;” a little spot in the house that is theirs for hanging out, hosting friends, and furnishing any way they like.

If you are in the midst of basement remodeling, this is as good a time as any to think about creating your man cave. According to the men I’ve poled, here are some essentials they feel should be included:

• Home theater system with great sound and a huge screen. (I have to say, this was number one priority on everyone’s list, so you may want to consider soundproofing this space!)
• Big comfortable seating, where they can lounge around and not worry about putting their feet on the furniture.
• Wet bar with fridge to make hosting simple and relaxed.
• The luxury to decorate (or not) in any theme they like. This is the space where they can display their Muhammad Ali posters, their signed sports jerseys, their old trophies, their collections of beer mugs, or even their action figures. This is where the men get to be boys.
• A basement bathroom, so they don’t have to come upstairs during half time.

While we can surely say that many men would like a man cave, I think we can also assume that many of them have to share their coveted space that may double as a teenagers’ hangout or family room. If that’s the case, everyone will have to make a few compromises but with a little negotiating, everyone can enjoy “the cave.”

For more ideas on how to design the perfect man cave, speak to your local home improvement expert or basement finishing and remodeling contractor.

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