Deck Out Your Front Porch

by Rachel Laurendeau on May 10, 2013

With the trend toward outdoor living and outdoor rooms continuing in popularity, more and more people are trying to find ways to create perfect living spaces in their yards. If you’re lucky enough to already have a courtyard, deck, gazebo, patio or porch, you already have the bones for your outdoor room.

If you don’t have any of the above, and you’re thinking about building a porch, here are some things to consider for your home addition.

• A front porch not only increases curb appeal, it also adds value to your home when it comes to resale.
• Adding a front porch is a great way to connect with your neighbors. When we all hide away in our backyards, it can be a bit isolating, but front porches tend to put us in more direct contact with others who are out enjoying a stroll or time in their front yards.
• Porches of yesteryear with their peeling wood, shaky railings and constant need for maintenance are a thing of the past. Today’s building materials such as composite and vinyl have much longer lifespans and require very little maintenance.
• Since porches are built up against the house, you will want to be certain to work with a builder or general contractor who is experienced in building porches and can help you choose the right porch plan for your home. Beyond the esthetics, rooflines, drainage and pilings all need to be taken into consideration.

If I had a porch, my inclination would likely be to stick to more traditional furnishings like comfy rockers, porch swings, and big bushy plants. But, I can be nostalgic like that sometimes.

Alternatively, you could choose modern furnishings like a sofa, outdoor rug, table and chairs and even a ceiling fan or lights on dimmer switches.

However you set up the outdoor room in your porch, get out and enjoy it. I can think of no nicer way to enjoy this home improvement than to spend a quiet evening swinging in my hammock on the front porch.

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