Color Tips – Adding Color To Your Space

by Rachel Laurendeau on April 30, 2013

For new homeowners, choosing paint colors can be both daunting and exciting. The bad news is there are literally millions of paint swatches to choose from. The good news, most paint companies create palettes of complementary colors to take the guesswork out of mixing and matching. Plus, we live in a time when there are phone apps, desktop apps, games and many other resources to help you choose the right color for you. One of my favorites is the ability to upload photos of my home right onto a paint company’s website and then “paint” the room to see how it would look with different colors.

One of the most helpful color tips I’ve come across is the 60:30:10 rule. Essentially, you choose one color as the dominant color in the room and use it for 60% of the surfaces. Then, choose the secondary color and use it for 30% of the room’s color. Finally, the last color to be incorporated would be used as an accent in 10% of the space. The rule isn’t just for paint color but includes walls, fabrics, floors, furniture and accessories.

Think of it this way:
60% of the color is on the walls
30% of the color is in the upholstery or an area rug
10% of the color is in a few accent pieces such as artwork, floral arrangements or cushions

Following the 60:30:10 rule will give your space a sense of harmony and structure while bringing your favorite colors to life.

Whether you are building a new home or renovating your current one, painting and color selection is a home improvement that can have a dramatic impact on your living space. Talk to your general contractor, designer or painter for more color tips.


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