Is There Mold Lurking In Your Home?

by Rachel Laurendeau on April 29, 2013

Mold in the home can be a simple irritant or a dangerous health hazard, depending on which strain of mold is present. It’s important to learn more about mold in order to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

How Can There Be Mold In My Basement?
It’s quite simple. Mold needs three things to grow: water or high humidity, a food source, and a suitable temperature. In most homes, the missing element is humidity, so once that is introduced, mold is very likely to occur.

Signs There May Be Mold in the House
Some mold is obvious because you can see patches of it on the drywall, ceiling or floor. However, not all mold is easily visible as it can be hiding out of sight in little nooks and crannies.

Certain indicators point towards the likeliness of mold being present in your home:
• Allergic reactions that worsen when you are at home, including nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, sore eyes, and asthma attacks.
• Other health problems such as headaches, dizziness and trouble concentrating can indicate the presence of toxic mold.
• Moldy, musty or damp smell in your basement.
• Water stains, discoloration of walls, floors or ceilings or damp surfaces indicate water leaks, past or present. Water leaks or flooding in your basement create prime growing conditions for mold which can be hiding out of sight behind walls, under flooring or other surfaces.

Mold Testing and Remediation
There are several thousand strains of mold that exist and we come into contact with many of them on a daily basis. While the majority of strains of mold are harmless, there are some that can cause serious health problems. The only way to find out what type of mold is in your home is by testing.

Home test kits are available and some university departments or extension offices offer analysis. Alternatively, you can hire a professional mold testing company such as All-Dry of Ohio. If mold testing shows that dangerous mold is present in your home, you will want to hire mold remediation experts who will isolate the area, eliminate the mold and fungal growth and remove all of the contaminated materials

For more information on preventing, testing or treating mold issues in your home, talk to your local home improvement expert or a basement waterproofing and mold remediation expert. Don’t take chances with your family’s health.

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