7 Ways To Add Curb Appeal

by Rachel Laurendeau on April 27, 2013

Adding curb appeal makes your home more welcoming and more appealing to potential buyers. Here are a few ways to increase your home’s curb appeal and let first impressions speak for themselves.

1. Fix or replace roofing as needed. Gutters and downspouts that look neglected should also be repaired or replaced. A roofing contractor can give you an estimate and save you the hassle of climbing up on the roof to do it yourself.

2. Make the front entry appealing. Paint the door, change out the hardware, add a welcome mat, seasonal wreath or potted plants. Small punches of color can really ramp up the wow factor of your front entry.

3. Spruce up your porch, deck or patio. Clean and restain the decking and change the railing so that it is safe and matches the rest of the home.

4. Pay attention to the big picture. If your home’s façade has seen better days, a few home improvements might be just what you need. Paint the trim, replace the siding and have damaged windows fixed or replaced.

5. Improve the outdoor lighting. While adding ambiance with landscape lighting, you are also increasing your home’s safety and security. Lighting should be strategically placed at the front entry, along pathways and any other areas that act as access points.

6. Clean up the yard. Nothing says neglect like a yard full of abandoned objects and a garden full of weeds. Garden beds should be weeded, fresh plants added as needed and shrubs pruned into shape. You can also add fresh mulch to cover the soil and keep things looking tidier.

7. Out with the old. If you have an old shed with peeling paint, an unused play structure or garden walls that are falling over, either take them out completely or give them a complete facelift.

Now that the warm weather seems to finally be here to stay in all parts of the country, it’s time to head outside and tackle the home improvement projects that will increase your home’s curb appeal. You may be surprised what a difference a couple of weekends of work can do!

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Resources: This Old House and Better Homes and Gardens.

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