The Ultimate Staycation

by Rick Martin on April 16, 2013

It’s time to start planning your summer vacation. Why not make it a stay-at-home vacation, or “staycation”? Tough economic times have caused many of us to reevaluate discretionary spending and one easy way to cut back is by staying close to home rather than traveling further away. This doesn’t mean an inferior experience. In fact, a staycation can be more fun and less stressful than other types of holidays.

Benefits Of A Staycation

• There is no need to waste your precious vacation time stuck in airports, waiting for connections, or worrying about delays.
• If you have young children, this type of holiday can be much easier and less stressful than conventional vacationing.
• Staying and vacationing near home is an excellent way to support your local economy.
• Think of the money that you can save on plane tickets, hotels and car rentals!
• Money that would otherwise be spent on an expensive holiday can be redirected toward a much needed project or home renovations.
• Or, if you’ve already completed your home remodeling project, this is an excellent time to sit back and truly enjoy the fruits of your labor.
• Staying close to home can also be seen as “green travel” as you don’t have to burn as many fossil fuels as you would getting to a far-flung destination.

Staycation Tips And Ideas

Create a “don’t do” list. If this is really to be a relaxing vacation, you’ll need to make a list of things that you wouldn’t do while away on holidays and stick to it. This might include things like house cleaning, home improvements or paying bills. Organize everything ahead of time so that none of the mundane household tasks take away from your staycation. Hire a lawn care service or a housecleaner and arrange for a babysitter for at least one evening.

Create a dream vacation list ahead of time. If you were going on your dream vacation, what would you do? What types of activities would draw you in? Armed with this list, find out which of these activities, special events or establishments are available in your area. Then, create an itinerary for your staycation. Rentals On Vacation is one blog that has loads of great ideas for places to visit and fun things to see and do all over the US.

Get out: go to the beach, the pool, a water park, an amusement park, the zoo or the aquarium.

Get active: go for a hike, a bike ride, play some tennis, sign up for a yoga class or just go for a nice stroll in a city park or botanical garden.

Be artsy: visit an art gallery or museum, see a concert, go to the theatre.

Indulge in your favorite activity: set up your easel and paints, take a photography class, read the novel that you’ve been eyeing up, play a board game, go out dancing with friends, play a round (or more) or golf, go to a film festival.

Rest up: hang a hammock in your backyard and enjoy some cold beverages and a good book. Or, just take a much deserved nap.

Hit the road: go on a family road trip to visit local attractions.

This summer, be a tourist in your own city. Take some time out for a perfect family staycation and have fun in the comfort of your own home!

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