Outdoor Spring Cleaning

by Rachel Laurendeau on April 4, 2013

Much attention is paid to indoor spring cleaning, with to-do lists and reminders everywhere, but that means that all of the outdoor tasks that need to be done each spring take a back seat or just get completed in fits and starts. Here’s a printable Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist to help you get started on your outdoor spring cleaning.

Yard and Garden
• Remove garden clippings, last fall’s dead plants, branches and street sand from around the yard and garden beds.
• Rake the lawn. If it is looking worse for wear, consider having it power raked and overseeded or aerated and fertilized.
• Garden beds with mulch or river rock often accumulate leaf matter and other debris over the course of fall and winter. Use a leaf blower to remove debris in areas that cannot be easily raked.
• Turn the compost pile and give it a little maintenance, as required.
• Turn the soil in your garden beds, adding compost as needed.
• Fill planters and large pots with fresh potting soil, remembering to clean them out thoroughly first.
• Trim and prune your trees and shrubs. Note: not all species should be pruned in the spring, talk to a local horticulturist or arborist if you’re unsure.
• Fertilize trees and shrubs.
• Check for signs of pests or insect infestations around the yard and the perimeter of the house.
• Check retaining walls and other structures for movement or damage and replace wall stone as needed. The experts at Garrity Stone Inc. can help you with this if you live in Indiana.
• Ponds and fountains should be cleaned out and refilled.

Deck and Patio
• Give your deck, patio or porch a good washing and remove any debris that overwintered.
• Pull the garden furniture out of storage, wash it with mild soapy water and let it dry in the sun before setting it up.
• Clean and set up your grill, change briquettes or have propane tanks filled.
• Clean and set up bird houses, feeders and baths.

Around the House
• Clean downspouts and gutters.
• Inspect roof and gutter system for needed repairs.
• Wash windows and tracks.
• Wash or vacuum window screens and inspect them to see if there are any tears that need repair.
• Sweep and hose down the driveway, sidewalks and steps.
• Hose down or power wash the house exterior, including doors, railings and mailbox.

Outdoor spring cleaning and maintenance might seem a bit tedious, but when your yard, garden and home’s exterior are looking clean and tidy, but when you’re sitting back enjoying the first BBQ of the season, you’ll be happy that you put the effort into this important home improvement.

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