Spring Cleaning Checklist – Bathroom To-Do List

by Rachel Laurendeau on March 28, 2013

The sun is shining and I can feel its warmth through my home office window. I can hear the birds chirping the trees outside and my son’s boots are laying over the air vent drying out after his last attempt at puddle jumping. Spring is most definitely in the air and I keep thinking about all of the spring cleaning that lies ahead! Yay. Cleaning. My favorite home improvement. (Insert sarcasm here.)

I find that the most efficient way to go about my spring cleaning is to break it down into specific rooms or tasks that should all be done at the same time. That way, I feel a sense of accomplishment as I complete each room and it feels much less daunting than knowing that I have to do the entire house. Today’s spring cleaning checklist will help you make your way around the bathroom, lickety-split, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day. Now, put on some dancing music and get cleaning!

Start with your general bathroom cleaning:
• Sweep then wash the floors (get into any corners that your mop can’t reach with a wet rag)
• Scrub the toilet
• Wash the sink and countertop
• Clean the mirror (vinegar and a microfiber cloth are the best combo for a streak free finish)
• Scrub the bathtub (you can make your own non-toxic cleaner using a cup of baking soda, a few drops of antibacterial essential oil such as tea tree oil and a teaspoon of liquid soap mixed with just enough water to form a paste).
• Don’t forget to really scrub the grout or caulking around the tub, shower, sink and tiles.
• If the caulking is stained or mildewed, take the time to replace it. Damaged grout should be repaired as well.
• As you finish scrubbing the tub, you might realize that it still looks pretty dingy. If that’s the case, make a note on your list and call your local bathtub refinishing company for an estimate. Tub refinishing can really bring your bathtub back to life and make it look like new again.
• Take down the shower curtain and wash according to care instructions. If it can’t go in the washer, be sure to wipe it down with a wet cloth and vinegar. Hang outside in the sun to dry.

Move on to storage and organization:
• Medicine cabinet/vanity drawers and cabinets – remove the contents, wipe down the shelves, allow to dry and replace contents. Before you put things back in, check their expiration dates and safely dispose of anything you no longer use.
• Linen closet – empty the closet, dust all the shelves and fold everything back up carefully before replacing in the closet or cupboard. If there is a musty smell, try placing a plastic container with vinegar in the closet for 24 hours to absorb odors.

Grab a ladder and dust cloth and get to the:
• light fixtures
• tops of cabinets/storage units
• crown molding and tops of doors
• top of the mirror
• while you’re up there, follow the instructions from our earlier blog and clean your bathroom exhaust fan. This one will take a bit of time but definitely needs to be done.

There now, that wasn’t so bad. Having a list and sticking to it is a sure way to make spring cleaning go smoothly. Check back soon to see which room of the house we’ll be spring cleaning next.

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